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about me

Height: 6"3   |   Eye Color: Grey Blue   |   Hair Color: Blonde/ Light Brown

I am an experienced actor who works in film and television both domestically and abroad. On this journey I´ve been fortunate enough to have worked with great directors and renowned actors and honed my skill on projects that have matured me, changed me and evolved my methods and perspective.  I love going back to the theatre from time to time to get inspired and rejuvenated.


Transformation, both inner and outer, is what keeps me going and being a vessel for important stories to be told is the high aim of the art as far as I am concerned. People and their stories motivate me, drive me to constantly take the next step and explore new pathways, new beginnings, new ends.



I am an actor. I am a creator. I am an artist.




The Icelandic Film Company  |   Let me Fall  |   2018  |   Lead Actor

Zik Zak Productions   |   And Breath Normally    |   2018  |   Supporting Actor

Neop films  |   Under the tree   |   2017  |   Lead  Actor

Neutrinos Productions  | Tom of Finland  | 2017  |  Supporting Actor

Rvk Studios  |  The Oath  | 2016  |  Supporting Actor

Mystery Productions  | Back  | 2015  | Supporting Actor

The Icelandic Film Company  | Life in a Fishbowl  | 2014  | Lead Actor

Older films include XL, The Deep, Volcano, Stormland, Either way, Jitters, Quiet Storm, The Icelandic Dream and more.


Mystery Productions  |   Prisoners (Tv series) |   2017  |   Supporting Actor

Rvk Studios   |   Trapped  (Tv series) |   2016  |   Supporting Actor


​Saga film  |   Case (Tv series)  |   2015  |   Supporting Actor

Older Tv series include 3 seasons of Pressa , Hlemmavideo, some Tv movies  and more

National Theatre of Iceland   |   Various productions  |   2011-2014  |   Actor

Reykjavik City Theatre   |  Various production   |   2014-2017  |   Actor

Svipir Productions  |   End Game   |   20l6  |   Lead Actor

Older productions include leading roles in The great Weaver of Kashmir, Bui's Tale, Daisies awaken me, Stand up tragedy and 30+ supporting roles

Special Skills

Good American, Russian and various European accents

Horseback riding

Handling fire arms

Driving cars, trucks and snowmobiles

Fencing and sword fighting



Fly fishing

Dancing (Tango, Waltz, Rock´n´Roll and more)

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